BIG TREE NUTRACEUTICAL is a dedicated herbal medicines company specialising in high value, efficacious ethnobotanical products drawn from the healing traditions of Africa.

We are continually researching indigenous African medicinal plants with a long history of safety and efficacy with the intention of making this traditional wisdom available, in an ethical and respectful way, to the modern Western culture. We continue to incorporate additional healing herbs into our line as we discover them (and only once we have completed our very thorough research into them) so that you will always be able to find the very best of Africa’s natural pharmacopoeia here.

Because our products are about improving your health, all our plant materials are either organically cultivated or sustainably and ethically wild-crafted. All our growers must comply with our own stringent quality criteria as a prerequisite for doing business with us.

And because even organic farms today are susceptible to wind born pesticides from neighbouring non-organic farms we conduct final rigorous pesticide residue tests (something few companies do) and reject any material that has the slightest trace of any pesticide.

We also formulate with the minimum necessary levels of only the most natural and benign excipients possible and use only vegetarian capsules in our line to ensure the healing properties of the plant get to you in the purest way possible.

Our raw materials and finished products are never irradiated or chemically fumigated, but only low temperature dry steam sterilized where required.

Finally, we pack our product in glass (the only packaging material that is 100% inert and impermeable), and which is easily recyclable.

Everything about these products you take, from our thorough research, careful and accurate sourcing and ecological conscious cultivation to our detailed formulation and professional production in a licensed GMP laboratory, is about quality, and carries the intention to facilitate your own healing and vibrant health in a natural and benign way.

Let the warm African sun shine on you!